Every Story Matters

The Christmas that I was eleven years old, my grandma gave me a Book of Remembrance. This giant, three-inch, three-ring binder was chock-full of pedigree charts, family group sheets, and old photos. Being the family history nerd that I was, I geeked out over it. But my favorite portion of the exploding book was the […]

Gathering Strength – Krista

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My grandma was an entertainer, a poet, a writer and a cook. And so, so much more. She passed away when I was only 14. I think of her often, especially when I think about knowing her in my adult years. How fun it might have been to know her on a higher level, to […]

A Larger Family

Tiffany Webster and Sarah Garner

I grew up in a relatively small family with only 1 cousin (a second cousin) my age. It felt normal to me, because it’s what I knew. It wasn’t until I married my husband – who has a plethora of cousins (like, 85 FIRST COUSINS) – that I realized how much I missed out on […]

Missing Pieces

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“My family history is pretty much done.” I’d used this excuse many times when asked if I was interested in family history. My dad, grandpa and mother-in-law are all interested in family history and have done a lot of work and I was sure there wasn’t any left for me to do. So, when I […]