Roots Tech 2020 Highlights

My first year at RootsTech was fantastic! It’s so fun to be in a place full of thousands of people who all share the same passion for discovery, history, stories, healing and connection. Hands down, the best part was reconnecting with friends, meeting Instagram friends in real life for the first time, and meeting new […]

Gather & Grow in Gratitude

If you’re anything like me you’re also guilty of basically skipping right over Thanksgiving and diving from Halloween right into Christmas. Who can blame us? Christmas is the best! But for the last few years, I have tried to be more intentional about focusing on this season before skipping on to the next. “Gather” and […]

Every Story Matters

The Christmas that I was eleven years old, my grandma gave me a Book of Remembrance. This giant, three-inch, three-ring binder was chock-full of pedigree charts, family group sheets, and old photos. Being the family history nerd that I was, I geeked out over it. But my favorite portion of the exploding book was the […]

Telling Stories, Connecting Hearts

Journal Writing, Kindred Press

I hate journaling. I have started maybe 20 journals in my life. For some reason I just keep buying them (it probably has something to do with my obsession with school supplies). I start with the best intentions and I’ll write maybe 5-6 pages then store them away and never really look at them again. […]