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The Kindred Press

Family Love Story Printables

My family loves Valentine’s Day. We take a little bit different approach than the traditional and put our focus on the love we have for each other as a family and the love we have for those around us rather than just romantic love. We leave little “mailboxes” on each of our chairs at our kitchen table and all month long my kids use our entire stock of construction paper making valentines for each other, my husband and I, and pretty much everyone they know 😂😍. We display pictures of our family from over the years with the heart-garland I recently shared, and this year we’re adding a fun new tradition I wanted to share with you!

The stories of the love our families share are so important and worth recording. Dani from @roots2blossoms and I wanted to put together some resources to help all of us celebrate ALL of the loving connections in our lives so we’ve created these two cute and free printables! There’s a blank timeline where you can think through the significant moments in your love story (with a spouse, or with your whole family), as well as a cute family tree with hearts so you can add the names of your family members (and friends!) who are all an important part of your “love” story. These are cute to display individually or together as part of your Valentine’s Day decor, or to use as a family activity to share some of your love story (with the timeline) or to reflect on the loving relationships you share with your family here on earth, those that came before you, and the friends that surround you (with the tree).

We cannot wait to see you use these fun and simple printables to record a little bit of your story! If you decide to share, we’d love you to tag @roots2blossoms and @thekindredpress so we can see! 💛