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Free Activity Guide

I am so excited to share this new resource with you! I created this guide with the help of several friends. As a group of moms that love family history, we have each seen the positive impact that participating in family history has had in our families and we want to encourage all families to participate in family history work so you can see the benefits too! 

Studies have shown that storytelling plays an important role in a child’s neurological development as well as the building of relationships between children and their caregivers. Research also indicates that children who know more about their family history (family stories) are found to be more resilient in the face of life’s challenges.  

We realize that jumping into family history can feel overwhelming  really fast. So, we put together this guide of activities specifically geared towards families hoping to inspire you to get started and to make incorporating family history into your lives feel approachable and inviting.

I hope you’ll love the activities we’ve put together for you and your families!