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Gathering Strength – Jamie

Family History has given my life so much meaning. People often ask me what got me into Family History. It is such a loaded question. Where do I possibly start? How can you condense something that has set your soul on fire into one simple answer?

How about this: I was once a lost and wounded little girl who had a dream about Jesus standing on the corner of a busy city, beckoning me to follow Him, and ever since then I have kept my eyes peeled for signs. And those signs have come. They’ve come in small and simple ways. And over time, my ancestors have all piled together on the thin veil between here and the hereafter, trying with all their might to reach me. Because they didn’t want to lose me. Because they knew that if they could just get me to hear them somehow, then I would be part of them forever, and there would be an unbroken chain into Eternity. If they could just break through to me.

Maybe it took my sister joining them for me to finally hear their voices. I do know this- that death is not the end. I wish I could share all the reasons why I know this. But you will just have to take my word for it. Death is not the end. You have so many people waiting for you to come home. 

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